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What is this course about?

This qualification is an elite course that prepares the learner for the professional world of dance. It is a physically demanding course expecting independent application of skills and knowledge as students emerge into individual artists. With the skills and knowledge students develop and experience they can enter the workforce in the pathway they choose. There are a vast range of disciplines taught and learners will also develop their own works as part of the learning process. This course is for pre-professional dancers and is best suited to school leavers or students who are training full time as an alternative to traditional schooling in line with government requirements. This course is delivered at an elite level and a refined technical background of dance is expected of all successful candidates.

Is there homework in the course?

The students participate in a number theory classes to specifically teach the theory components within the course. This is an AQF5 qualification homework and project work is required and expected. A high level of critical thinking, reflection, short questions and research projects will be completed by students.

What is the course duration?

This course is highly demanding (both mentally and physically) and only a full time study option is available. The course is over one year (four terms) with holiday breaks in line with school holidays. There is 4-4.5 days training per week depending on the size of the cohort. The program has alternating late starts and early finishes for students who are wishing to balance training and work.

How do I pay for this course?

With a performing arts qualifications requiring private payment Emergent Academy offers flexible payment plans to allow for convenient payments throughout the study year. Financial hardship and Talent based scholarships are available on application.

What subjects are in the qualification?

Like any qualifications there are units to complete for certification. The Diploma is no different and each unit has a refined qualification standard. The subjects include several classes with the following components: Choreography, industry, performance and rehearsal skills partnering, conditioning [stretch and strength], nutrition, jazz, classical hip hop, tap, contemporary, allied, classical, career, audition, make-up, lyrical and musical theatre dance skills. The course is designed to prepare you for industry with all-round training and employable skills.

How do I apply?

Applications are designed to be straightforward and low pressure. We want potential students to be as comfortable in applying as they will be in training. Applications are online with a further phone or in person interview as needed. APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN

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