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About Us

At Emergent every learner is on an individual journey.  We have experts in their field working with our students every day to support them to reach their full potential and discover their strengths as an artist. A learning environment that stretches learners to exceed their goals in a structured tertiary environment is the cornerstone of our mission statement. Our learners will be nurtured and mentored by our fantastic in house staff but also extended and exposed to visiting industry professionals and other industry artists and work environments.

Our approach allows our learners exposure to industry relevant with real world performance experiences such as showcase and musicals. Our trainers are passionate to impart their knowledge and skills needed for arts longevity, both mentally and physically to prepare them for their next step in their performing arts journey.


Training is elite and intense with the students gaining theoretical and physical knowledge so our learners complete their qualifications “knowing” and “doing”. They learn the importance of all aspects of performing arts with current genres, choreographic processes and audition and business skills. Emergent provides a holistic experience for every learner, every time.